Next Year is Going to be Insane!

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Our 5th Year Anniversary was EPIC !!!

The Urban Fiesta Weekend in San Juan, PR
Over 6,000 sexy & mature people came down to celebrate with us for our 5th Year Anniversary including your favorite celebs and athletes such as New York Knicks JR SMITH & CHRIS SMITH, Atlanta Hawks JOSH SMITH, Brooklyn Nets ANDRAY BLATCHE, NY Jets DARRELL REAVIS, Former NFL Greats LAVERNIUS COLES & JOHN “BIG HEN” HENDERSON and Houston Rockets JAMES HARDEN. Last year we introduced you to some new venues, new events and great people. This year we plan to add more events to your package such as a Poetry Flow, Instructional Fitness Classes and NBA Final Viewing Party. Make sure to book early for 2014.. We have a BIG SURPRISE FOR YOU
Thank you to all attendees who helped make this a successful year!

- BIGGA, CEO of NiteLife Ent LLC.

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